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About the Program


The National Park Service Employee and Alumni Trust Fund offers a disaster relief program to aid NPS and partner employees in the event of major disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, or earthquakes or incidents of personal calamity.

Who is Eligible

The disaster relief fund program is open to all NPS employees and to employees of other partner organizations directly impacted by the disaster. NPS E&A Trust Fund aid is meant to provide affected individuals with immediate assistance for temporary shelter, food, damage to homes, and essential personal property, or to assist with the adverse impact of a personal calamity. Assistance will depend on the amount of available resources currently on-hand, the time needed to solicit and successfully raise additional contributions for disaster relief, and the number and the cumulative amount of the requests for aid.

How to Apply

NPS workers

Once the E&A Trust Fund agrees to support a disaster relief initiative, it will normally work closely with an Incident Command Team or with senior leadership to coordinate the relief effort. Normally a “Request for Aid” form is drafted to address the particular event or calamity and made available for distribution to those affected. Eligible parties should submit a completed Request for Aid directly to the “National Park Service Employees and Alumni Trust Fund - Disaster Relief. To ensure that eligibility requirements are met, forms must be approved by the Incident Command Team or a management team member from the National Park Service or equivalent federal agency. Requests for Aid must be submitted within 30 days of the event.


Donations may be made via check, made payable to:

NPS E&A Trust Fund
c/o Disaster Relief
470 Maryland Drive, Suite 1
Fort Washington, PA 19034